Acoustic Night @ Cafelito – Second Thursday Of Every Month

Acoustic Night @ Cafelito – Second Thursday Of Every Month

Acoustic Night

Thanks to Leaf Promotions on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm there is a free acoustic night at Cafelito. The event is really about giving local talent a platform to showcase their abilities.

The venue (Cafelito) is underneath the new build office space built next to Stockport train station. As it is next to the train station, a few minutes from the A6, and has a car park nearby it gives attendees many options to commute to the event.

I know what you might be thinking… It’s a cafe. I am happy to tell you they do serve alcohol; we saw beers, wines, and spirits all being consumed so don’t panic. There was also food flying around – I am sure we saw a huge hotdog… 

The event is a sit down kind of affair. Not your usual stand at the front cheering gig. People lounge on comfy sofas, sit at tables and really appreciate the music. 

Sometimes it’s nice to just chill and listen to live music rather than jumping around… But hey, thats just our opinion.

Anyway, as this was only their launch event at Cafelito it was great to see such a good turnout. We hope moving forward many more people will come and listen to the sounds of Stockport.

Cafelito, Stockport Cafelito, Stockport

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