Are You Ready For StockSport 2022?

Are You Ready For StockSport 2022?

Last year Stockport hosted Stockport Enduro and Cycling Festival, this event brought in 1000s of visitors to the town centre to watch live stunt cycling performances, have a go cycling sessions, running races & more. The event returns but has grown and is now StockSport 2022 on June 26th!

There is so much going on it is almost impossible to fit it all in… So instead we are going to pop in what we think are the best bits! Remember, most of the events are free to watch, free to participate and are for the whole family! 

1, Stunt Mountain Bike Shows

The Extreme Mountain Bike Show will be setting up in St Peter’s Square, Stockport 11-4 so visitors can watch amazing stunts live! Last years performers brought in huge crowds so no doubt this team will do the same!

2, Urban Criterium Cycling Race

What an earth is this we hear you ask? It is an urban cycling race through Stockport town centres winding streets, tight turns and steep inclines and declines. It is the first race of its kind in in a century in Greater Manchester and is an absolute must watch. This race starts at 4pm and will last until 10pm – there are a number of different races throughout the schedule.

3, My First Mile, 5k and 10k Run

Stockport will host a 10k, 5k and a My First Mile race through the town centre – Whether you are a seasoned runner or looking to start there is an option for you to take part. If you want to find out how to enter click here

4, Participate in the “Have a go activities”

There is going to be a whole host activities available for visitors to try including: Electric Bikes, Cycling circuits, Smoothie Bike, Stockport County Football Penalties, Lancashire Cricket Nets, Spin sessions and much more

5, Bring your Bike

There are going to be road closures in place throughout the day so even more of a reason to bring in your bike and ride around Stockport Town Centre. The official cycling race circuit will be opened up so you can cycle the official race route! It is great opportunity to get out, get active and have fun doing it!

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