Foodie Friday (September 29th 2017)

Foodie Friday (September 29th 2017)
Foodie Friday
When: Last Friday of every month, 6-9pm
Where: Stockport Old Town (Central Stockport)
Price: Free as the Manchester Bee

On the last friday of every month, Stockport Old Town becomes a thriving congregation of food, music and drinks. The combination of local bars, eateries, and musicians mingled amongst the Victorian architecture sets the scene for a fantastic evening. Foodie Friday welcomes all ages and encourages people to come together with a seemingly community spirit.

On offer there is an array of choice from craft ales to prosecco, burritos to pizza and churros to crepes. As the above suggests, Foodie Fridays doesn’t follow a particular theme, however it does promote the use of historical public spaces in Stockport and encourages Stopfordians to eat, meet, drink and repeat.

As the evening progresses Stockport Old Town fills to the rafters with people from all over the Stockport area. The indoor market transforms into a make-shift concert hall with a number of performances throughout the evening. The September edition featured the very popular, local cover band The Beavers. The lead singer Graham Blackwell said ‘It is great to perform for the Stockport community, especially inside this fantastic building’.

The official end time is 9pm when the indoor closes and the food stalls stop serving. However, attendees remain in the area to carry on enjoying the Old Town pubs and bars. One of the crowd favorites is the recently renovated Bakers Vaults which encourages Stockport punters with its outdoor seating and contemporary Robinson interior.

Foodie Fridays grows in size with each month and has now become a much anticipated event. We hope that in the coming months it continues to flourish, especially amidst rumours of plans to set up a more permanent space for vendors in the Old Produce Hall. So make sure not to miss the next Foodie Friday on the 27th October, we are sure it’ll be a good’un!

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