Shred Shed | Stockport’s New Healthy Eating Cafe

Shred Shed | Stockport’s New Healthy Eating Cafe

Shred Shed

** This has now changed hands and is called Covent Garden Cafe

Stockport town centre has been crying out for an affordable healthy eatery for ages. Finally, now, we have one! On lower Hillgate, surrounded by the clatter of housing development, Shred Shed has set up shop. 

It seems at present, Hillgate has become a hotbed for independent cafes, shops and studios.  

It’s defo worth a stroll – there’s new independents opening all the time. 

Placed near the brow of the hill Shred Shed fits all the modern trappings of a hipster/cool cafe. 

Inside the cafe it has a brilliant airy feel to it. The combination of indoor plants, rustic wood, large panes of glass and vibrant colours coming from the cushions and table ornaments just make you, and the place, feel fresh. 

It’s not only a positively healthy environment it is a practical one too. 

The Shred Shed owners have thankfully put easily accessibly plug sockets around the cafe so that it can become a cool co-working environment. 

Now to the good stuff… the food.

After having a chat with the chef, lee, who is an incredibly likeable an passionate guy you can really see what they are trying to do. 

Create healthy food. That’s looks good. Tastes good. And doesn’t break the bank.

We think they’ve nailed it. 

I opted for a Salmon salad that came with almost every kind of vegetable under the sun. 

The most notable part though was the coleslaw. It was tangy, spicy and sweet all at the same time. Crazy stuff! 

You can opt to build your salad with items ranging from spinach, courgette, salmon, chicken, halloumi, fallafel and so much more. 

The guys at Shred Shed have put a huge focus on vegan and veggie food. 

The spicy bean burrito with an accompanying salad was fresh, honest and absolutely hit the spot. For a humble 4.00 how could you be disappointed? 

All the ingredients are excellently presented with a wide range of dressings.

If you wish you can get a box to go. We were made aware straight away that all the plastic straws, boxes and other food items are 100% recyclable. 

It’s great to see places embracing a sustainable culture from day one. 

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Katie (one of the owners). She told us that all the people involved are avid gym goers. So not only are they invested in a healthy lifestyle they know exactly what kind of food you should be eating. 

As always it is great to see independents popping up all over town. If you’re either a gym goer, dieter, healthy food lover or just a fan of good food we highly recommend a visit. 


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