South Seven – Burgers, Burritos and Nachos

South Seven – Burgers, Burritos and Nachos

South Seven

South Seven chose to set up shop in the sleepy suburb of Marple Bridge. It seems like an unusual place to have a hipster burger, burrito and nacho restaurant but everybody loves to expect the unexpected.

We tried to book for the friday night but it was too busy which led to a drop in n’ wait kind of situation. We recommend booking in advance especially if you hope to visit at the weekend.

If you do decide to just turn up and wait, Marple Bridge has a wide range of local pubs which are perfect for a cheeky beverage while you wait for your table to become available.

Upon entry of South Seven you are greeted by a long narrow space that is surprising considering how small the restaurant looks from the outside; it has a touch of a tardis feel to it.

Anyway, the low lighting and classic american tunes really mirror the fashionable burger bar atmosphere that is dominating the restaurant scene at present.

The menu is quite large with foods ranging from burritos, nachos, ribs, burgers, waffles and wings. All of the classic american dishes we’d say…

The nachos though – the best we’ve ever eaten. They are a chef’s dream to put together but so many places are lazy with the ingredients. South Seven had some amazing pico de gallo, chedder cheese and guac (not a soggy chip in sight). If you visit make sure you order the nachos as a starter.

South Seven opting to have burritos on the menu definitely made the experience unique for Stockport. Correct us if we’re wrong but can you get burritos anywhere else in Stockport?

The burritos however were HUGE! We could only eat half and had to take the other half home. They came with fries and a range of different sauces so we were well equipped.

The prices at South Seven are pretty standard: Chicken Burrito £10, Burgers range between £9/10 and smoked pork ribs £12.50. All come with fries and you do get a large amount of food for your money.

The veggie option was falafel with roasted red peppers, guacamole, halloumi and tzatziki which was £8.50. 

South Seven has mastered the art of American dining and successfully converted it to fit in with the leafy villages of Stockport. We will be definitely visiting again soon and highly suggest you head down to Marple Bridge to eat your body weight in fantastically unhealthy food. We all love it though don’t we…


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