Stockport’s Frog Trail

Stockport’s Frog Trail

Art, Stockport and Frogs

Starting this weeks Stockport’s brand new art trail hits the ground running. The art trail, a Toadtally Stockport project, sprung on to the scene a few years ago but due to other variables the concept could only come into fruition in 2019.

We must disclose before continuing that we are hoping to use as many frog puns as physically possible.

The Frog Trail consists of 19 frogs scattered around the centre of town with a mapped out trail for members of the public to follow.

The idea is to bring more people to the town centre, get people walking, send people to areas of the town they often miss and to spawn evermore passion for Stockport.

Local artists, schools, community groups and many others applied to get the chance to design the frogs. Out of the chosen designs Kate O’brien’s Marketplace frog and the girl guides frogs are our favourite. They really are un-frogetable.

Many people ask why the frog? And as Toadtally Stockport BID manager Paul Taylor discloses “why not the frog” – many towns and cities use animal art trails that don’t have a specific relevance to the town they inhabit – but the point is to create something fun – which they really are!

The concept of a Giant Leap into Stockport’s future was born and is clearly here to stay.

Art trail maps can be picked up from a number of high street retailers, Stockport Story and by the Toadtally Stockport team who will be visible on the high street over the coming weeks.

We are currently running a photo competition on our Facebook page regarding frogs and photos so please do jump in and get involved!

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