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German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab

If you are a fan of kebabs… This article is a must read!

Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Stockport stands as a testament of change, to a revival of a town on the brink of decline.

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

As most of you will know, Stockport Underbank is currently going through an amazing transformation, but some people are unsure about some of the specific actions being taken. We have brought it upon ourself to share some of the changes happening in an easy and digestible way! There is still a lot of work to do but it is exciting to see the gradual progression of this much loved street! 

1, Ready Setts Go

Currently the setts are being relayed down Underbank to enhance the public realm and clean up the space (electric outlets are even being added to make the space under the bridge more flexible).

Stockport Underbank

2, That’s Lit

New LED street lights have been put into place – they will eventually mirror the traditional lights when the works have been completed. Currently they look like flying saucers! The new lights are however shorter than their predecessors which is a conscious choice to improve the street scene. 

3, Start the Clock

Winter’s is being revamped to include a new restaurant use and the clock and frontage is being returned to its former glory. Many people will remember the fantastic clock working in its past – we are excited to see it once again add an interesting detail to the street. 

4, It’s a Sign

New traditional street signs are being added to replace the preexisting signs that do not match the heritage of the area. The new signs may seem like something not worth mentioning but these small details make a huge impact on the heritage nature of the street! It is the small components that often make the biggest difference.

5, Out with the New in with the Old

Local developers Hall & Co are applying to redevelop a number of sites on Underbank to breathe fresh life into the currently decaying buildings. Two sites, the 60s building on the corner of Mealhouse Brow and the white volunteer services building will be knocked down and redeveloped. The collapsed building next to Rare Mags will be rebuilt from the ground up. Hall & Co have already done a fantastic job of preserving and making use out of Bank Chambers on the Marketplace. We must confess that we are confident in their ability to create some fantastic new additions to Underbank.

6, From Door Tu-dor

Known by the locals as the Tudor Cafe, but more recently Bunga Raya, this building is currently being renovated by the team Inside Property Investing. We’d highly recommend giving them a follow on Instagram to watch the gradual transformation of this empty building. The plans include Airbnb apartments and commercial space on street level.

7, Perfect Harmony

Currently the building that held one of Stockport’s adult shops is going through a thorough renovation. Only last week the building had entirely no roof. There are rumours that the commercial unit will become a bar in the future but that is currently just Stockport whispers. 

8, Keep the Faith

The former Christian Bookshop on Lower Hillgate directly next-door to the Tudor Cafe will be coming forward for redevelopment in 2021. This mock Tudor building stands proudly on the street; returning such a large building back to life will make a huge impact to the street scene. We are excited to see what will pop up in the commercial ground floor unit!

9, kelsALL Happening Here

The Age UK Charity shop building is currently being lovingly restored by Kelsall Architects. The frontage will be reconfigured to match its historic routes and the upper floors to be refurbished into a co-working space and architectural studio. In the future there are also potential plans of adding a rooftop bar. We can only dream! Follow them on Instagram for updates on this project. 

10, Rediscover the Underbanks

Events and activities are being planned for post lockdown, aimed at sharing the history of Underbanks with a wider audience – keep your eye on @underbanks_SK for more info and check out

10 Stockport Indie Shops You Should Know About

10 Stockport Indie Shops You Should Know About

We’ve put together a list of some fantastic local indie businesses right here in Stockport town centre. Jump in, find out more and then pay them a visit.

6 Stockport Brands to Watch

6 Stockport Brands to Watch

We’ve put together a list of some our favourite brands coming out of Stockport – ranging from fashion, alcohol & wellbeing products – we have to do all we can in the current environment to support local makers & creators anyway we can!     

Cherry Jam – Stockport’s Good Vibes Bar

Cherry Jam – Stockport’s Good Vibes Bar

Opening today Stockport’s new feel good bar jumps cocktail first into the ever-growing local night time economy. We are writing this article to support them anyway we can, as we know new lockdown measures may come in later this week so we want to do our best to get the word out about this fantastic new addition to town. 

Cherry Jam is the latest venture by worldly cocktail maker, London bar owner and Britain’t Got Talent featured bar wizard Neil and his business partner Vicky. Neil, a fellow Stopfordian told us that he was incredibly proud to see what is going on in Stockport and wanted to “put his money where his mouth is” and jump into the ever-growing positivity and regeneration of the town he calls home. Cherry Jam is located on Mealhouse Brow which is turning into an incredibly exciting street in town with neighbours such as Plantshop, Good Rebel & All Night Flight Records. 

Cherry Jam is all about feeling good, letting your hair down, surrounding yourself with positivity and enjoying company with friends in a space that oozes flare and confidence. The bar will centre itself around a wide range of cocktails that are currently in the workshop and will be announced soon. 

There will be craft cans and bottles on sale with the cleverly marketed fridge that states “expensive beers in pretty cans” and draft beer including San Miguel, Carlsberg and Shed Head IPA

The space itself seats 20 in current conditions but with the vibrancy of brightly painted street art style walls, feel good lighting, indoor plants and a host of interesting touches such as a full functioning traffic light in the back corner means you won’t be missing any of the buzz. 

The plan in the current circumstances is to offer bottomless brunches at the weekend & food from newly opened Ate Days a Week, host customers following all covid guidelines, cocktail delivery service and gin afternoon teas. When some normality returns the team at Cherry Jam want to push Party Fridays, Musical Bingo and a greater selection of themed nights. 

We will update this article in due course when new information is provided by the Cherry Jam team – as you can imagine it is a crazy time to open a new business so we need to all offer our support! Even if it is liking and following them on social and ordering a few cheeky cocktails to your home!

Stockport’s Best Beaches and Where to Find them

Stockport’s Best Beaches and Where to Find them

Who doesn’t love a beach day? Lucky for us Stockport has a few small beaches locally! Find out where they are by jumping in!

The Glass Spider

The Glass Spider

The Glass Spider opens its door this week to the people of Stockport – If you are looking to escape the 21st century this bar is right up your street.

20 Stockport Restaurant’s Offering the up to 50% off “Eat Out to Help Out” Scheme

20 Stockport Restaurant’s Offering the up to 50% off “Eat Out to Help Out” Scheme

We’ve put together a list of 20 local eateries that are signed up for the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. From August 3rd customers will be able to get 50% off to a maximum of 10.00 at restaurants from Monday to Wednesday.

We’ve selected a random variety of businesses from chains to local independents for our list. We haven’t been able to feature everyone but we’ve added a link at the bottom of the page to the government website which allows you to pop in your postcode and find out businesses registered nearby! 

Read through our list below!


1 – Nandos

August more than ever is the right time to order a cheeky Nandos.

2 – The Produce Hall

Most of the businesses inside Stockport’s now iconic food hall will be part of the scheme – if you haven’t been back post lockdown August is the perfect opportunity.

3 – Subway

Half price sandwiches you can’t really argue with that.

4 – Baekdu

The Korean charcoal grill located on Wellington Street opposite Grand Central Mcdonalds – if you haven’t been we highly recommend it.

5 – Mcdonalds

Not much to say about maccies but I am sure many of you will be taking advantage of this one.

6 – The Arden Arms

Located just off the marketplace this classic Stockport pub is one to try – especially their Sunday roasts.

7 – KFC

With a number of different locations across the borough KFC I am sure will be busy throughout August.

8 – Project 53

Recently featured on our best Stockport pizza list these guys are worth a visit – go for the goats cheese pizza it’s top!

9 – Berretto Lounge

Berretto Lounge has only recently opened its doors after lockdown so it would be great to support them anyway you can!

10 – Creams

Waffles, ice cream, pancakes & shakes – If you are looking for somewhere to get a solid sugar rush head over to Creams located near Redrock.

11 – Cafelito

Looking for a quick sandwich or bite to eat en route to the train station Cafelito has you covered. 

12 – Blackshaws Kitchen

Another reason to visit the marketplace is to head over to Blackshaws which offers a bistro dining experience.

13 – Roost 

Another recently featured quality pizza place located in Heaton Moor which also as the name suggests offer some fantastic chicken recipes.

15 – Swan with Two Necks  

Off Princess Street this quaint pub has some excellent hearty food ready to be enjoyed by locals.    

16 – Jolly Sailor

If you are looking for an evening out a little further from the centre this newly refurbished pub could be a great option.

17 – The Funky Monkey Cafe

Great staff, energetic atmosphere and brilliant food – head over to Davenport for some hearty locally sourced grub.

18 – Rozafa Restaurant

Fantastic independent Greek Restaurant hidden away on Petersgate.

19 – Pizza Express

Head over to Redrock for another pizza/pasta option!

20 – Costa

Costa are believed to be reducing the price of their coffee too due to the VAT reduction so eating a quick lunch and grabbing a coffee could be even better in August.

We hope you’ve found our list helpful and if you are looking to find out more options in your immediate area click here and put your postcode in!


5 Best Pizza Places in Stockport

5 Best Pizza Places in Stockport

Find out about our top picks for Pizza in Stockport ! Jump in!