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9 Reasons to Visit Stockport Town Centre Before The End of Summer

9 Reasons to Visit Stockport Town Centre Before The End of Summer

Looking for things to do this summer? Stockport has a lot going on – all you have to do is visit!

Adidas Launches Stockport Trainer

Adidas Launches Stockport Trainer

Adidas launches its very first Stockport inspired shoe – Jump in to read more.

Notion, Stockport

Notion, Stockport

Based above Ate Days A Week on Vernon street this self proclaimed dive bar is as Andy (the owner) puts it all about creating a space to “come, let loose and have fun”.

The interior mimics that of a classic dive bar – with graffiti inspired walls using every available space to create a grungy and underground atmosphere. 

The place reeks of attitude and has some let’s say non pc artwork on the toilet doors… We’ll let you see them for yourselves. 

Notion will be open until 2am which will make it the latest opening for a watering hole in town. Although, if you want to get in past 11:30 you have to acquire a special key. 

There will also be a decent food offering with a Deep South American bar menu including wings, burgers and hot dogs. 

The drinks range from Cocktails to a huge number of spirits and small selection of draft beer. 

Andy told us that he set up in Stockport because he always felt Stockport was a “sleeping giant” and the “Manchester scene was starting to eat itself”. Stockport has become a destination for experimentation and it’s great that we are becoming the the hub for creatives to try their ideas. 

If you are on the look out for a bar that’s all about some no nonsense drinks – Notion is definitely worth a visit. 

Dr Feelgood’s Stockport

Dr Feelgood’s Stockport

If you like live music, good tunes and interesting Cocktails – you’ll want to jump into this review

Stockport Town Centre’s Best Outdoor Drinking Spots

Stockport Town Centre’s Best Outdoor Drinking Spots

We have put together a list of bars that have outdoor seating and that are currently open in Stockport Town Centre!

German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab

As the name suggests Stockport’s new restaurant does what it says on the tin. Accept, it’s not the standard end of the night kebab house that only seems pleasing when you’ve had a few. German Doner Kebab is an up market, sit in, fun space that no doubt will be popular with Stockport’s residents. 

It’s almost like a Kebab version of Nando’s. The menu is a selection of doner meat layered onto a variety of different mediums. Ranging from burgers and wraps to quesadillas. They even have a signature dish which teams up with Doritos! 

The menu itself has low calorie options and veggie ones too – Not sure what’s available for the vegan community… Forgot to ask. 

German Doner Kebab aren’t a stand-alone restaurant – they have quite a number spread across the country and beyond. 

We asked why Stockport? Their answer… “why not, we choose places based on what we think the customers want”. 

The restaurant is located near the Peel Centre, opposite Pizza Hut in the small retail area almost adjacent to Nandos.

Our visit was a bit of a rush due to the chaos of opening day but when possible we recommend you head down and see what you think! 

If you want to see a video of inside – head over to our Instagram to have a watch! 


Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Stockport stands as a testament of change, to a revival of a town on the brink of decline.

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

A lot is happening on one of Stockport’s favourite streets. Jump in to find out more about this amazing transformation!

Stockport’s best independent shops

Stockport’s best independent shops

Stockport has an ever growing range of independent shops and we’ve decided to put a list together so know what they are and where to find them. Stockport Underbank and the surrounding area is home to creative, positive and forward thinking businesses. These businesses are at the forefront of the regeneration of our town and by paying them a visit you become part of the change we are all so intimately connected to. 

Rare Mags

Rare Mags continue to grow from strength to strength emphasised by their recent move to a larger unit on the same street. They specialise in providing niche and interesting magazines on a whole host of varied topics. In addition they offer a range of books, stationery and other locally sourced and sustainable products. 

Old Town General Store

Old Town General Store is the latest addition to Underbank – offering a fantastic range of lifestyle products including a much needed Stockport menswear section. If you are looking for more interesting brands that you won’t find on the high street this could be the store for you. 


Plantshop as the name suggests sells a whole host of indoor greenery that will make your home come alive. Not only that, you’ll find interesting pots, refill soaps and detergents and some interesting sustainable homewares. 

Top of the Town Vintage

Handpicked and carefully curated vintage clothes with an ethical focus on slow fashion. Top of the Town Vintage is a truly modern and sustainable way of shopping. If you are looking for some new vintage items ranging from dresses to accessories why not pay them a visit. 

Still Life Story

Still Life Story offer a range of homewares and lifestyle pieces handpicked to promote sustainable living. The collections vary from tableware to dried flower arrangements to plant pots and furniture. For such a small space it is incredible to see such a selection. Still Life Story are located on Merseyway. 

Merseyway Workshop

The Merseyway Workshop is a community focused, inspiring place for innovation and collaboration. A DIY-style hub on Stockport’s pedestrianised high-street. Offering open use of creative workshops, drop-in activity sessions and skill exchanges. The team are now offering a range of locally sourced artwork and homeware products too! 

SK1 Records

Back to Underbank SK1 Records specialises in a range of new and second hand vinyl records – they also offer cassettes, CD’s, artwork and more. If you are looking to find some niche records this Christmas it might be worth popping in for a chat. 

The Warren

The Warren in Stockport’s vibrant Old Town showcases the talents of around 50 local independent creative minds. Established in 2018, The Warren was born out of a passion for giving artists a space on the high street and a desire to offer something new to the town’s buzzing Market Place. 


Located on Stockport Underbank Ginkgo is an ethical and sustainable dispensary offering a wide range of product refills, nutritional supplements, eco friendly gifts and more. 

Agapanthus Interiors

Agapanthus Interiors, based on Wellington street near the Old Town is an interior design/antique restoration business. They have a huge selection of beautiful pieces on display in their ever expanding unit. We highly recommend a trip to take in the space and shop for some truly unique items. 

Stockport Gin

Stockport Gin now has a permanent home in Stockport town centre. Located on St Petersgate, Stockport Gin have opened a shop selling a range of their locally produced spirits. Alongside the shop, the team are now offering distillery tours where you can learn about the craft of distilling and help create your own gin!

Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe

Located on the Underbanks Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe is the one stop shop for 50s era clothing. There is a vast range of clothing available including a brand new men’s selection. If you are on the looking out for a new petticoat or Harrington jacket it might just be worth a visit. All the fashion is curated and handpicked so keep visiting as items are ever changing!

6 Stockport Brands to Watch

6 Stockport Brands to Watch

We’ve put together a list of some our favourite brands coming out of Stockport – ranging from fashion, alcohol & wellbeing products – we have to do all we can in the current environment to support local makers & creators anyway we can!