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Stockport’s best independent shops

Stockport’s best independent shops

We’ve put together a list of some fantastic local indie businesses right here in Stockport town centre. Jump in, find out more and then pay them a visit.

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Find out more about Stockport’s brand new food hall. With a wide range of food and drink this is not one to be missed.

Baekdu – Stockport’s Korean BBQ Restaurant

Baekdu – Stockport’s Korean BBQ Restaurant


In awe of the recent Winter Olympics in South Korea – I was reminded of a restaurant that I recently became aware of.

It goes by the name of Baekdu (a North Korean mountain).

The restaurant is oddly located in what appears to be an old pub style building just off Lords Street. I cant imagine it’s the footfall that brings the diners in; however, there is a public car park opposite which is incredibly convenient.

The restaurant, it its own words, labels itself as Korean BBQ.

The concept is based around charcoal fire pits that are set within the tables. Each table has its own pit that the chefs use to grill, BBQ and cook your food right in front of you.

After some contemplation I opted to order the spicy marinated chicken. In addition to this I selected the lettuce & spring onion side which the menu highly recommends. I am sooo glad I did this.

Once the chicken is grilled, the server places a curved lettuce leaf into a bowl, then adds some of the seasoned spring onion and finally takes the chicken off the grill and adds it to your already delightful looking salad.

As you can see from the photos below the lettuce is used as a kind of wrap. It is a little delicate to pick up but it creates a great authentic Korean dish that is full of flavour.

My visit to Baekdu was my first experience of Korean food, usually I am a little tentative because I worry about the chopsticks, how to navigate my way around the menu, and the pronunciation of some of the dishes.

Having said that the staff were very attentive, the menu had numbers which made it easier to order, and the BBQ you eat with your hands so it ticked off all my ignorant insecurities.

With all that in mind I had a great experience and would highly recommend a visit. Although, I believe they are closed for refurbishment from 11th of March to the 27th. Just a heads up. 

Baekdu is another example of the Stockport food scene growing and diversifying; we just need to make sure that we give them our support and embrace the local. 

Baekdu, Stockport   Baekdu, Stockport


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