The Bakers Vaults In Stockport Old Town

The Bakers Vaults In Stockport Old Town

Bakers Vaults

The Bakers Vaults went through a full refurbishment in 2014 and has been on the rise ever since. The pub stands as a central drinking hub for those in Stockport Old Town and the surrounding area. The interior decor mirrors that of the contemporary Robinson’s style with dim lighting, antique look furniture and copious amounts of varnished wood.

The pub itself is open plan but due to its occasional pillar and the central location of the bar, little personal spaces are created that feel delightfully intimate. In the same way however, you still feel part of the bar and the atmosphere that surrounds you. The excellent use of space allows for multiple drinking experiences, whether it be relaxed, for groups or a lively session.   

During the Foodie Friday festival Bakers Vaults sets out an array of picnic tables for its punters to sit out and enjoy the bustle of the market place. If you wish to snag one of these highly prized picnic tables make sure you get there early.

The Bakers Vaults has gone through an excellent transformation and has become a beacon of the ever changing Old Town. We hope that the next time you are in Stockport and you fancy a drink, why not consider one in the Bakers?

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