Blossoms @ Edgeley Park

Blossoms @ Edgeley Park

Stockport’s Woodstock

Historic. Iconic. Ground breaking. A leap forward. All these words have been used across social media and other outlets to describe the hysteria that took over Stockport on recent days.

45,000 people over three nights descended into our town and created a buzz like nothing seen before.

Businesses were full, people were on the streets, communities gathered in gardens, all to listen, watch and admire this weekends events unfold.

It was almost a leap into the future, a mirror into which we see ourselves and our town in days to come.

If there was ever time to be proud of Stockport and what we have become this was it.

What Blossoms have done for our town should never be forgotten. They are true beacons of change. It is those 5 boys that have contributed to so much of what we have today.

From the council allowing this event, Stockport County agreeing to host, the organisers, the bands & the people that came – all we can say is thankyou.

We can only hope it becomes an annual event and continues to grow.

A huge shout to Blossoms and their tour manager Dan Woolfie for allowing us access to the press pit to take some snaps.

Don’t judge us… all we had was an iPhone.

Enjoy the pics below.