Vintage Village • Stockport Marketplace

Vintage Village • Stockport Marketplace

Vintage Village Stockport

Vintage Village is an award winning vintage fair that sets up shop in Stockport Marketplace on the second Sunday of every month.

It is free to walk around the outside of the market and look at the amazing motor scooter collections that individuals bring to the event. There are some retro Vespas which we recommend you take a closer look at!

There are also a variety of food vendors intermingled with the scooters outside the market – ranging from crepes and pancakes, to pizza and wraps. We had a milkshake from Shakes, Batter & Roll…. it was sooo good.

If you wish to enter inside of the market hall it’s 2.00 entry – once inside tables upon tables of vintage stalls are set up in front of the usual vendors. Items range from vintage clothing, memorabilia, home products and vinyls.

We have produced a video so you guys can take a look! Enjoy. PS big up to Plastic House for letting us use their song Hold On; a stockport band to watch for sure.

Event Dates 2019

14th July

11th August

8th September

13th October

10th November

8th December

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