15 things you’ll know if you’re from Stockport

15 things you’ll know if you’re from Stockport

Growing up in Stockport is special in its own right – we’ve put together a list of things you’ll know, things you’ll say and things you’ll have seen along the way.

1 – Inhaling as you’re passing by Mcvities and feeling the need to mention it every single time

Opening the windows of your car hoping to get a fantastic scent of freshly baked digestives is part and parcel of growing up in Stockport. Whether you are driving to town, getting the 192 to or just walking by, we’ve all done it.


2 – Getting annoyed that the 192 hasn’t come and then all of a sudden five come along at once…

We have all used the 192 bus at sometime or another but we always take for granted the sheer volume of them to choose from. It does however always feel like you are waiting and waiting, then suddenly a whole bunch turn up at once. Also, getting the 192 back from Manchester after the trains have stopped is another crazy experience we Stopfordians have all had at some point.

3 – Driving to the 24 hour McDonald’s at Grand Central at 1am to buy some food

The Grand Central Mcdonald’s is the meeting point for late night eaters especially those on the way back from a night out in Manchester. It’s unique due to its spiral staircase to the second floor that sometimes feels like it goes on forever.

4 – Complaining about the parking charges at the Peel Centre

Honestly… A day doesn’t go by without someone, somewhere in Stockport complaining about parking charges – the Peel Centre seems to give people the most annoyance.


5 – Avoiding the bus lane outside Stockport college because you just don’t want to risk it

Most bus lanes make people nervous incase they read the sign incorrectly and could potentially get a fine – but the lane outside Stockport College seems to worry people more than most.

6 – Pointing out Edgeley Park when flying into Manchester Airport

On descent in to Manchester Airport, somebody in your party always points out Edgeley Park from the window seat. It’s a sign you are almost home.

7 – Knowing at least one person who plays Lacrosse

The Stockport/Cheshire area is known across the country for producing some of the best lacrosse players in the UK. It is widely understood that Stockport Lacrosse Club claims to be the oldest in the world – quite an impressive title. With this in mind, Lacrosse is played right over the borough so you are more than likely to know somebody that plays this niche sport.


8 – Feeling exhausted after walking up the hill to Stockport Marketplace

Stockport is hilly… really hilly. It is part of our town’s geography and something which makes us stand out. However, they really do take it out of you – Stockport residents no doubt have calves of steel. Walking up the hill pictured below you are also treated to the strong smell of freshly caught fish!

9 – Telling people from out of town that Fred Perry is from Stockport

Fred Perry is a legend amongst these parts. Having grown up and played tennis here, he really is our town’s claim to fame. We even have a public walkway dedicated to him.

10 – Getting hypnotised by the Mersey Way floor

The entrance to the undercover section of Mersey Way has a large mat that is clearly there to dry people’s wet shoes. However, it also seems to look like an optical illusion on the eyes – many people find it quite difficult to look at. The irony is… it’s located right next to a Specsavers!

11 – Going to The Bamboo till 2

The Bamboo is an iconic venue in Stockport. Located in Hazel Grove, this nightclub – ran by the same family for many years – is widely known for its late night opening hours. The phrase ‘Bamboo till 2’ has been passed down through generations.

Credit: Bamboo Hazel Grove

12 – The onset of panic when having to navigate Portwood Roundabout (especially whilst learning to drive)

Portwood Roundabout really is a crazy maze that takes some practice to get right. We all know someone that avoids it at all costs, or always takes the wrong exit.

13 – Seeing Stockport Pyramid from the M60 and knowing you’re home

Much like Edgeley Park from the air, Stockport Pyramid is an iconic venue on the outskirts of the town centre. We love nothing more than saying to people from outside town that Stockport has a pyramid and watching their crazy confused response.

14 – Mentioning in passing that all trains have to stop at Stockport train station without knowing if it’s true

We’ve heard this from many people on many different occasions. Is it a fact? Who knows!!! But the people from Stockport believe it so that is all that matters.


15 – Pretending you’re close with a member of Blossoms

We all know someone who claims to be someone’s brother’s cousin’s girlfriend who once attended a party with a member of the band many years ago and now claims to be good friends with them. Reality is, we don’t all know them but we feel like we do… which is 100% down to their incredible support for our town in everything they do.

Feature Image: www.heathcotephotography.co.uk