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Coffee Block, Stockport

Coffee Block, Stockport

Find out more about one of Stockport’s favourite indie coffee houses!

Glitch, Stockport

Glitch, Stockport

Learn more about Glitch – Stockport’s first game focused bar – This venue includes consoles, vintage machines and a whole host of other interesting things to do!

Top 21 Things to do in Stockport Town Centre

Top 21 Things to do in Stockport Town Centre

We have put together a list of our top pics of things to do in Stockport Town Centre (in no particular order). No doubt we have missed a few but let us know what you want to be featured and we will add it to our next list. Enjoy!

1 – Street Art

Stockport has a blossoming street art scene which includes artworks created by international and local artists. There is no trail as such but if you head down to the Underbanks you will be able to find a Hendrix Portrait, The Stockport Tiger Moth and a floor to gable mural depicting elements from the Underbanks. There are other artworks and poetry to find too!

2 – The Produce Hall

Visit Stockport’s popular food hall – with a range of indie food traders and in house businesses ranging from Cambodian street food, to Mexican and more. 

3 – Indie Bar Crawl

Start at the marketplace and meander down to the Underbanks. To name a few stop off at Project 53 for a selection of great wines, stop at Cherry Jam for some crazy cocktails and bounce in to The Spinn off for locally sourced craft beers. There are so many more to visit – click here to see Stockport’s best bars

4 – Fine Dining

Where The Light Get’s in is Stockport’s most exclusive restaurant offering a taster menu of ever changing seasonal dishes. With a focus on sustainability the team at WTLGI recently won the Green Michellin Star. The restaurant is so busy you will need to book well in advance. Fun fact Dua Lipa recently ate at this fab Stockport restaurant. 

5 – Bakery Bonanza

Head into Stockport Indoor Market and visit Sticky Fingers to try their amazing polish bakes. They have a selection of deck chairs outside to enjoy the market area whilst eating a pastry or two. We also have the amazing Yellow Hammer bakery located on the Underbanks. Offering a range of sustainable and organic baguettes, sour dough, sandwiches and sweet treats. You can also visit and sit outside and order coffee, small plates and organic wines. Hillgate Cakery, located opposite Yellow Hammer is Stockport’s vegan cakery with a whole host of cakes and bakes!

6 – Winter’s Clock

Located on the Underbanks Winter’s iconic jewellers which is now a French Bistro called Bistro Marc has a one of kind moving clock on the external of the building. Every 15 minutes the clock chimes and the characters move in tandem. Inside the restaurant you can look at the inner workings of the clock. 

7 – Air Raid Shelters

Carved into the natural sandstone cliffs, the intriguing network of underground tunnels offers visitors an unparalleled insight into life in wartime Britain in the 1940’s. Visitors have the opportunity of learning about the experiences of local people during the war. Visitors can learn about the experiences from the displays in the tunnels and from the state of the art audio-guides. You can also to find mementos of the 1940’s in our shop.

8 – Independent Shops

Stockport has a growing independent shop selection. Most are centred around the Underbanks and Lower Hillgate. The businesses include vintage fashion, curated contemporary fashion, Interesting magazines, indoor plants, home furnishings, furniture, health and lifestyle and more. You can read our list of Stockport’s best indie shops here

9 – View the Viaduct

Stockport’s iconic viaduct stands proudly as the spine through Stockport town centre. In its day it was the largest brick built structure in Europe. It was built in 1840, has 27 arches and was made using 11 million bricks. It is definitely worth a look and you can even walk underneath the huge arches. Fantastic image from Memoirs of a Mancunian. 

10 – Foodie Friday

On the last Friday of the month it seems that the whole of Stockport descend into the market plaza to try an ever changing range of pop up indie food producers. As the whole area becomes licensed you can buy drinks from local venues and wander around taking the space in. 

11 – Indoor Market and Makers Market

Stockport Indoor Market is one of Stockport’s most beautiful buildings. Inside you’ll find an array of traders ranging from traditional market stalls to organic wine sellers, local artists and chai tea. On the second Saturday of the month Stockport Makers Market sets up shop in the market area – a huge selection of over 60 artisan traders sell the handmade goods to local visitors. 

12 – Workshops on Merseyway 

Based just off Merseyway (Stockport’s main high street) an independent workshop space has been created to allow for free and paid workshops. The range includes live drawing, ceramics and plastic reuse. 

13 – Indie Food Scene

The food scene in Stockport continues to move forward. Some notable mentions are – The Mekong Cat serving traditional southeast Asian noodles, Baekdu offering Korean Barbecue, San Juan and their amazing Columbian food and Afiyet servicing contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. 

14 – Live Music & More 

Stockport’s live music scene continues to grow. If you head to Bask at Stockport Exchange (next to the station) this bar/live music venue has made a statement with acoustic nights, spoken word performances and comedy nights.

15 – Visit Natwest Bank

We know it’s it’s odd to mention a bank.. but the NatWest bank on Underbanks is up there with Stockport’s most interesting architecture. We recommend you pop inside to see this historic gem. 

16 – Stockport’s Heritage Trail & More 

If you head to Stockport Story / Staircase house on the marketplace you can take a tour and learn about Stockport’s history. Inside you can pick up a heritage trail map to do an interesting historical walk around the town centre. We highly recommend you stop off at Strawberry Studios to see where famous artists including 10cc and Paul McCartney recorded tracks. Image from Ian G.S.

17 – Visit the Car Park Allotment on Merseyway 

Yes that’s right… there is an allotment on the roof of Merseyway Carpark. The allotment is ran by the Where The Light Get’s in team and the produce grown is used in their bakery and restaurant. They often do workshops and tours in the space so keep your onions peeled! (Excuse the pun)

18 – Visit the Plaza 

Stockport’s Art Deco Plaza is one of the towns most recognisable venues. The Plaza offers a whole host of shows throughout the season and should be on your list to visit. Tours are available and there is a cafe inside the plaza so that visitors can stop for a coffee and finger sandwiches.

19 – Visit the Hat Museum

Stockport is known for its hats – the local football team are referred to as the hatters. You can do a tour of the museum and learn about the local hatting industry.

20 – Visit The Warren

Based just off the marketplace The Warren is an independent shop that sells a huge range of local artists’ work including photography, paintings, prints and other items. We have this on the list as it is an excellent stop off for gifts for you and your friends at home.

21 – Crowther Street

Based on Lower Hillgate, Crowther Street is one of Stockport’s most iconic and famous streets. It was painted by Lowry a prominent Northern artist and continues to be photographed and visited by local people and visitors.

We had an absolute pleasure putting this list together of things to do in our home town. It is Amazing to see what’s happened, what’s happening and about to happen next. Stockport residents share this post, and let’s get more people to visit Stockport. Visitors, welcome and have fun in SK1. 

PS – we know we may have missed some interesting things so let us know what we should feature in our next article. 

Art Battle Debenhams

Art Battle Debenhams

Former Debenhams building to host art battle – event includes live artist performances, street art, street food, pop bars & more!

Bask Stockport

Bask Stockport

Bask is Stockport’s latest speakeasy and music focused bar – click in to find out more!

Sticky Fingers – Stockport’s Polish Artisan Bakery

Sticky Fingers – Stockport’s Polish Artisan Bakery

Located in Stockport Indoor Market the artisan Polish Bakery, Sticky Fingers, is proving more and more popular with Stockport residents and visitors. There is a huge selection of breads, traditional cakes, rolls and more on offer. The displays are absolutely filled to the rafters so when you visit it is almost impossible to decide what to order! 

Sticky Fingers is not only a bakery – it sells a number of soft drinks and coffee too! For the vegan and vegetarians amongst you there is a number of choices available. If you fancy “sticking” around after buying some pastries there is a few seats inside but also a selection of tables and comfy deck chairs outside the market hall on the mile – it is fab to sit, take in the views and enjoy a pastry or two!

The opening times are the same as the market hall so always check the times before visiting! 

The Mekong Cat – Stockport

The Mekong Cat – Stockport

Learn more about Stockport’s authentic Southeast Asian Noodle house. Jump in!

This Godless Place Stockport

This Godless Place Stockport

Godless Place is the latest addition to Stockport’s thriving independent hospitality scene. Jump in to find out more!

Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Why we love Stockport, and so should you

Stockport has a perception. It’s had one for a while: unfavourable, forgotten, derelict and declining, the weak younger sibling of the nearby Manctopia.

Towns located near big cities often get pitied for being so close to success and are always by popular opinion almost doomed to fail.

Yes, Stockport has its die-hard fans that have stuck by it through its hardships. Those people should be honoured for their commitment to supporting Stockport. 

But there is no denying that Stockport’s had some negative connotations – denying that would be rose-tinted at best. 

Despite this, there is a feeling of change in the air. A progressive attitude, one that seems to grow with every flight that glides over our town. 

Things that once felt like negatives are no longer so – the noise of consistent flights, the A6 thats cuts through the spine of the town or the M60 that bypasses it. Our location is our friend, it’s our personality, it’s interlocked into our history and part of its future.

We are 7 mins from the city by train, we are located on multiple junctions of a thundering carriage way, we are 20 mins from a worldwide airport hub and 20 minutes from the dramatic Peak District landscape.  

Despite anything else that list of convenient circumstances should make you consider our town. Whether that be a place to call home, a space to set up your business or a location to look for work. 

Stockport however, is greater than its geographic and complimentary infrastructure. It has a heart, a visceral set of collective spaces that would be prized in the European countries that we travel to visit. 

Stockport Marketplace has arguably one of the most enticing streetscapes in the North West. Set with the backdrop of a dominating, yet beautiful,  gothic church and anchored by the Victorian market hall that stands so proudly almost as beacon of hope. 

Adjacent lies the flowing narrow streets of the Underbanks, with its undulating brows, peaks and interesting hidden passageways. As heritage funding begins to trickle into this historic street, positivity continues to flow. Every new set laid, every building brought back to life and every passerby  listing the memories of these spaces with nostalgic precision. 

Weaved into this beautiful and chaotic regeneration sits the small businesses that have committed to Stockport. Passionate people who believe in the towns future and aren’t afraid to share it.  The plant sellers, record stores, niche magazine collectors, indie clothing distributors and a sprinkling of pubs, bars, food halls and restaurants. 

These people are central to the change taking place: the mavericks who took the plunge when friends asked why. It is through these dreamers we should take great comfort in the town’s future.

Not only that but monumental change is around the corner. Stockport bus station is to be transformed into a new state of the art transport interchange topped with a brand new urban park. Merseyway is to be brought to life with vast investment and Stockport Exchange continues on its path to creating a corporate quarter for larger businesses with aspirations to grow. 

Stockport of course has its issues like any town or city across the country, but the continued optimism is catching on. 

The next stage for Stockport is building the homes for the people that have caught the bug. The focus should be on sustainability, green space and a diverse set of housing types. It’s in diversity that we can compete and win against our nearby neighbours. 

With Stockport West and its 3,500 homes coming over the horizon, the potential redevelopment of the large Sainsbury’s site, the towers being built on underused car parks and other areas becoming available – we are on the right track. 

Despite the barrage of negative statements littered in the comments sections across social media and the often relentless slurs of negative stories splashed in the press. We. Us. Stockport. Our town. Continues to progress. 

We are a sleeping giant, gradually awakening by the roar of the not so inconspicuous Emirates Dreamliner. We can all rest easy knowing that those negative comments are starting to fade and it’s not if those perceptions change, it’s simply when. 

Stockport isn’t dying; it’s evolving, changing and adapting to a new generation of ideas. 

We’ve built Stop in Stockport to an audience of over 28,000 people on social media. Reaching over 100,000 people a month. We’ve done it through listening, sharing, joking and documenting Stockport’s transformation with transparent positivity and we want to thank you for being part of the journey that’s got us here. 

Vive la Stockport. 

15 things you’ll know if you’re from Stockport

15 things you’ll know if you’re from Stockport

If you live, grew up, or have spent much time in Stockport, we guarantee you will have experienced a few of these!