5 Reasons You Should Visit Lyme Park

5 Reasons You Should Visit Lyme Park

5 Reasons You Should Visit Lyme

1 Lyme Hall and its grounds were featured in the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. Rumour has it that the Lord of Lyme gave Jane Austen the inspiration for Mr Darcy. The hall has more recently been seen in an advert with Peter Kay… Can you guess which one?

2 – 
Lyme Park Boasts over 1,000 acres and with all that space it is popular amongst hikers, strollers, artists, producers and picnickers all year round.

3 – 
Lyme Hall itself is open to visit and if you are enthusiastic enough you can dress up in some 19th century attire so that you can relive the days of aristocracy.

4 – 
Lyme has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding areas, including a breathtaking view of the centre of Manchester (worth a trip for this alone).  

5 – 
Lyme has an incredible association with nature. On the grounds there is a large contingent of deer. To witness a stag, with its great antlers, run across the rolling hills of Lyme only a few miles away from the centre of Stockport is something that you will never forget. 

It can get windy so make sure you take a coat.
Price: Prices vary for whatever you choose to do. It is 8.00 per car if you wish to just visit the grounds and have a look at the house from the exterior. More information can be found on the website (see below)

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