7 Interesting Things About Stockport

7 Interesting Things About Stockport

1 – Stockport is home to Strawberry Studios, where internationally recognised artists including Joy Division, The Stone Roses and Paul McCartney have recorded their music.


2 – Stockport viaduct is an essential component of the town’s landscape. It was built in 1840, has 27 arches and was made using 11 million bricks.


3 – Stockport was famous for it’s hat industry and in it’s peak exported over 6 million hats to all different places around the world.


4 – Sadly, this year marks the 50th anniversary of a passenger plane crashing in the centre of Stockport. 72 people were killed in the crash and it is considered one of the worst disasters in British aviation. 


5 – Robinsons Brewery was founded in the Unicorn Inn in Stockport in 1849 and, on average, produces 13.3 millions pints of beer each year.


6 – Stockport’s famous cinema and theatre The Plaza is recognised internationally for the last building of this nature that is still in its original format.


7 – Stockport’s County Football club are nicknamed ‘The Hatters’ in recognition of the town’s famous hat industry (see fact 3). Interestingly, the concept of a mad hatter came about after the realisation that the exposure to mercury in hat making often made the creator a little (a lot) crazy.