Adidas Launches Stockport Trainer

Adidas Launches Stockport Trainer

Adidas at long last finally bring out a trainer that connects to Stockport. Why Stockport? Well as most of you already know Adidas’ UK HQ is based in Stockport – not to mention the often very busy outlet store. 

As brands look to connect to local places as hyper localism is coming much more fashionable it is easy to see why now is the right time for this release. 

Proper Mag wrote on Instagram “having grown up in the town where ADIDAS has its UK HQ it’s a surprise it has taken them so long to reference this fact on a shoe”. 

The design of the shoe itself uses blue and white which looks to link to the colours of Stockport County, there is strange reference to Peel Moat in the Heatons (not sure why this area was selected) and a flash of yellow on the sole which connects to the Stockport crest. Blue, white and yellows can be seen all over the borough including the paintwork on Petersgate Bridge. 

We imagine these shoes will prove to be popular amongst Stockport residents and you can buy them currently through Aphrodite – Click the link here