Stockport Town Centre’s Best Outdoor Drinking Spots

Stockport Town Centre’s Best Outdoor Drinking Spots

As we all know from the 12th of April we can only drink and eat outdoors at our local hospitality businesses. With this in mind we thought we would put together a quick article highlighting the top places (that are currently open) for a cheeky outdoor beverage in Stockport town centre. We are sure to have missed some, so let us know who we should feature next time!

The Good Rebel

Located on on the ever-changing Meal House Brow The Good Rebel is a down to earth and friendly cocktail bar. Pre lockdown their outdoor space was next to none but with some vision, hard-work and a bit of creativity the team have created a brand new beer garden in a nearby car park/fly tipping area. The transformation really is unbelievable  – head over to our Facebook page to see more images. 

The Bakers Vault

Bakers Vault is one of two bars on the marketplace that have opened up from the 12th. They have invested in new a new set up for the outdoor space that will be soon home to sails, planting, and festoon lighting. The Bakers is a local favourite and it is great to see they are investing in enhancing the outdoor drinking experience. 

Angel Inn

The Angel Inn is the second bar currently open on the marketplace and they do have some temporary seating that front on to the square. They do however have a somewhat hidden outdoor seated beer garden to the rear that is only visible after entering the pub. The Angel Inn has a country pub feel but in the centre of town – it is definitely worth a gander! 

Petersgate Tap

Located on Petersgate this craft ale bar, specialising in a wide array and ever-changing selection of different beers currently has a selection of outdoor seating to the front of the premises. We do hope in the future the road is pedestrianised fully so that local bars and other hospitality businesses can spill out further on to the street. 

Cafe SQ

Cafe SQ located on St Peters Square has currently expanded their outdoor space to offer a wonderfully located seating area. Whilst they only offer bottled beers as it is more of a cafe than a bar, the location and surrounding buildings make it a great place to sit and appreciate Stockport’s underrated architecture. 

The Cracked Actor

The Cracked Actor, located on Underbanks, currently has the use of some outdoor space to the front of the premises using pavements to spill out on to everyones favourite historic street. You can now have a drink whilst taking in the bustle of the continued regeneration of nearby buildings and interesting visitors to Stockport’s indie shops. 

The Arden Arms

Located on Millgate near Stockport Marketplace this traditional pub has a great beer garden to the rear of the premises. If you are looking for a solid pub with good hearty food we recommend you head over to The Arden Arms.