Are Blossoms Making A Netflix Comedy Series Set In Stockport ?

Are Blossoms Making A Netflix Comedy Series Set In Stockport ?

Blossoms, Netflix and Stockport

It’s happening… maybe.

According to many news outlets, and the band itself, Blossoms have teamed up with the writers of Early Doors to create a comedy series set in Stockport that might end up on Netflix.

The writers of Early Doors, Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, opted to set their 2003 comedy in Stockport. The band are aware of the show and are said to be big fans of the sitcom.

Blossoms of course, are Stockport ambassadors – so these writers would clearly be a perfect match for any kind of music/sitcom collaboration.

During an interview with the Daily Star Blossoms’ front man Tom Ogden said, “We’re talking to Netflix – it’ll be the first Netflix show set in Stockport if it comes off.”

It’s almost impossible to comprehend a Netflix series set in Stockport, by a band from Stockport, about Stockport – but if we take the boys’ word for it; it’s happening.

The only hesitation to believe this incredible story is that of the bands comedic past when it comes to the media.

When the rumours of a split swarmed the internet, they were quick to jump on the hysteria by making a comedic short film about their supposed other jobs outside the band.

This is where Joe Donovan’s infamous ice cream truck sprung from.

Blossoms are widely known for their cheeky personas and jokey attitudes. But the key questions that need answering are – is this all a clever PR stunt? Or are the people of Stockport finally getting their own Netflix show?

All we can say is that we are hoping for the latter.

Having said that, evermore positive publicity for our town is a huge bonus, so we can thank the boys for that.

Cheers fellas

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