5 Things You Should Know About The White Lion Pub

5 Things You Should Know About The White Lion Pub

The White Lion pub, situated in Stockport Underbank, has recently been given a new opportunity to return to its former glory after sitting idle for the past few years. Plans were unveiled by Stockport Council to transform the building into residential apartments and a restaurant.

As one of the oldest buildings in Stockport we decided to take a look into its long history and see what we could find out. Here’s five of our interesting (and slightly bizarre) findings! 

1 – The building itself dates as far back as the 14th century and is Stockport’s oldest hostelry (hostelry: an inn or pub). It has been modified and rebuilt several times over the centuries and has been Grade II listed since 1993.


2 – As a coaching inn based on the main route in and out of Stockport, The White Lion could hold up to 20 horses at any given time in its stables.


3 – In years gone by, the pub’s garden led to the now covered river Mersey – rumour has it the guests were entitled to fish for salmon during their stay.


4 – Allegedly, a “Wife Sale” took place at The White Lion in 1831, during which a man called William Clayton sold his wife for 5 shillings (this equates to roughly £151).


5 – The pub’s landlord apparently owned a cannon. He would fire it to inform the towns people of the arrival of the mail coach that brought the news from London; which was then read out by the town crier. The canon was also fired in 1815 to announce the British victories in the battle of Waterloo.

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