Notion, Stockport

Notion, Stockport

Based on Vernon street this self proclaimed dive bar is as Andy (the owner) puts it all about creating a space to “come, let loose and have fun”.

The interior mimics that of a classic dive bar – with graffiti inspired walls using every available space to create a grungy and underground atmosphere. 

The place reeks of attitude and has some let’s say non pc artwork on the toilet doors… We’ll let you see them for yourselves. 

Notion will be open until 2am which will make it the latest opening for a watering hole in town. Although, if you want to get in past 11:30 you have to acquire a special key. 

The drinks range from Cocktails to a huge number of spirits and small selection of draft beer. 

Andy told us that he set up in Stockport because he always felt Stockport was a “sleeping giant” and the “Manchester scene was starting to eat itself”. Stockport has become a destination for experimentation and it’s great that we are becoming the the hub for creatives to try their ideas. 

If you are on the look out for a bar that’s all about some no nonsense drinks – Notion is definitely worth a visit.