Pickle Rick’s Pizza | Stockport’s new pizzeria

Pickle Rick’s Pizza | Stockport’s new pizzeria

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Opening only three weeks ago Pickle Rick’s Pizza is a brilliant much needed addition to the Stockport borough.
We of course have many Italian restaurants scattered around but nothing for casual dining with a fun contemporary atmosphere.

Pickle Rick’s is brought to you by the already popular owners of The Bun & Bones club. I asked why Hazel Grove to the boys and the answer was short and simple. “because we live here”. They continued by telling me that they originally started Bun & Bones club because they couldn’t find a good burger locally and they said it’s the same for the pizza.

The interior of Pickle Rick’s looks classically of its time with open brick, hand-built wooden tables, sheet metal around the bar and Edison bulbs.

The noticeable part and by far the most amazing is the incredible mural painted on the open wall. It is bright and welcoming and depicts Pickle Rick amongst many other things. The more you look at it the more you realise the fine detail that has gone into this masterpiece. Yeah, I said it, masterpiece. It really opens the room up and contrasts with the rest of the room.

Due to the restaurants location on the busy A6 I was genuinely shocked by how little you can hear road noise. I was worried about having a constant car drone during dinner but honestly I couldn’t hear anything.

Now onto the good stuff…

In true Bun & Bones style the portions are absolutely huge. I left half and ate the next half the day after and it was just as good. Due to the size and quality of the ingredients the pizzas are a little more expensive than your usual pizza joint. I have to admit though it is worth paying that little extra because you really do get a lot more for your money. 

I opted for garlic dough balls to start. The garlic butter was not like that slimy stuff you receive at Pizza Express. It was clearly handmade and well seasoned. Seems weird talking about garlic butter but I feel it just as it was brilliant.

The pizza I chose was feta, balsamic vinegar, roasted red pepper, caramelised onion with a normal cheese and tomato base. Speaking openly it is up there in some of the best pizzas I have eaten. It was not soggy, it stayed together and the flavours didn’t disappoint.

Vegan and Veggie pizzas are catered for and not in a way to just be like ‘yeah we got one’. They have clearly thought out the options and are looking to entice vegans and veggies in.

All the team at Stop in Stockport highly recommend paying these guys a visit. If you are looking for a casual pizza place with big portions and a friendly atmosphere you have to add this place to your list.

Our only tip is to wear a jumper. The owners have been let down by the company providing the heating so it does get a little chilly. It should be sorted soon but I thought I would just give you guys a heads up.


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