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Bask Stockport

Bask Stockport

Bask is Stockport’s latest speakeasy and music focused bar – click in to find out more!

Robinsons Brewery Announce Relocation From Stockport Town Centre

Robinsons Brewery Announce Relocation From Stockport Town Centre

Stockport’s Historic Brewers Robinsons have announced they will be relocating out of their town centre site. Read more.

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Stockport Produce Hall

Opening next week Stockport Produce Hall or as my Dad likes to call it “the old egg market” is finally opening its doors to the people of Stockport. 

Set in the historic market place in the centre of town this fantastic addition is going to be the new meeting, eating, and drinking establishment we have all been waiting for. 

Joining the ever-growing businesses opening their doors The Produce Hall is no doubt going to be a breath of fresh air. 

Upon entry you are greeted by a large bar with a wide variety of craft ales including Stockport’s own Thirst Class Ale. The team behind The Produce Hall opted to add windows to the bar so you can literally see the beer travelling from its home straight to your glass. 

Whilst this is cool enough there is also an array of other drinks ready to be made by the attentive staff behind the bar. 

As you make your way past the bar you are greeted by the hall with a number of bench seating, tables, stools and standing areas. They have created an environment that matches the ever popular Mackie Mayor/ alty market style venue. The space encourages conversation due to its shared seating space. The team also added a stage which when not being used for live music sits below the fantastic old windows with views over the Stockport Horizon. We recommend sitting here during sunset because the views are fantastic. 

Now to the food… and wow there is lots of it. 

The food hall offers something for everyone. Here comes a list: Tapas, Fish & Chips or (Oh My Cod), Pie Curious, Dough boys (pizza), Roost Chicken, Fat Louis (American style), Pasta and Black Market Expresso. 

There are some Vegan and Veggie options but as we visited on the soft launch I have been told there will be a greater variety added soon! 

We were incredibly happy to see that all the food options were really affordable; something that we were hoping to see. 

Once seated you really get to take in the room around you. Our eyes were drawn to the Stockport artwork on the wall created by local artist Eamonn Murphy. It’s also great to see many of the old features that have been brought back to life. Especially the old lighting that has been wonderfully refurbished. 

The team have also created a cool co-working/dining/seating area upstairs which is a great place to sit and watch the world go by. The best part is making your way up using the locally crafted iron spiral staircase. Who doesn’t love a spiral staircase though? Let’s be honest. 

Steve Pilling, the man behind the project, told us that “it’s all about bringing people together in the town that they love”. 

Without harping on too much we see great things for this space and recommend all of you take a trip into Stockport rather than heading into the city centre.

As always Embrace the Local.

PS: Dogs welcome.

Disabled access and lift on site. 

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We were invited to dine as guests at the launch event of The Produce Hall and were not asked to pay.

Blackshaw’s Kitchen • Stockport’s New Urban Deli

Blackshaw’s Kitchen • Stockport’s New Urban Deli

Opening in December Blackshaw’s Kitchen is the newest foodie addition to the marketplace. Read our review and see if you will be making a trip.

Project 53 | Stockport’s New Gin, Beer & Pizza Palace

Project 53 | Stockport’s New Gin, Beer & Pizza Palace

Read about Stockport’s newest tap room. With years of experience brewing craft ale, choosing the perfect gins and making the best pizzas, Project 53 are here to stay. Find out more here

5 Things You Should Know About The White Lion Pub

5 Things You Should Know About The White Lion Pub

The White Lion pub, situated in Stockport Underbank, has recently been given a new opportunity to return to its former glory after sitting idle for the past few years. Plans were unveiled by Stockport Council to transform the building into residential apartments and a restaurant.

As one of the oldest buildings in Stockport we decided to take a look into its long history and see what we could find out. Here’s five of our interesting (and slightly bizarre) findings! 

1 – The building itself dates as far back as the 14th century and is Stockport’s oldest hostelry (hostelry: an inn or pub). It has been modified and rebuilt several times over the centuries and has been Grade II listed since 1993.


2 – As a coaching inn based on the main route in and out of Stockport, The White Lion could hold up to 20 horses at any given time in its stables.


3 – In years gone by, the pub’s garden led to the now covered river Mersey – rumour has it the guests were entitled to fish for salmon during their stay.


4 – Allegedly, a “Wife Sale” took place at The White Lion in 1831, during which a man called William Clayton sold his wife for 5 shillings (this equates to roughly £151).


5 – The pub’s landlord apparently owned a cannon. He would fire it to inform the towns people of the arrival of the mail coach that brought the news from London; which was then read out by the town crier. The canon was also fired in 1815 to announce the British victories in the battle of Waterloo.

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