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Top 21 Things to do in Stockport Town Centre

Top 21 Things to do in Stockport Town Centre

We have put together a list of 21 things to do in Stockport Town Centre! Jump in to find out more!

The Spinn Off, Stockport

The Spinn Off, Stockport

Craft locally sourced beers, handmade pies and organic wines – The Spinn off is an intimate pop up style bar on the Underbanks.

Yellow Hammer Bakery, Stockport

Yellow Hammer Bakery, Stockport

The much anticipated Yellow Hammer has opened on the Underbanks. Located in a building recently restored this new bakery come pottery studio is already selling out, creating queues and adding more bustle to Lower Hillgate.  

What to expect ?

Sam Buckley, Head chef of Where The Light Gets In has teamed up with head baker Rosie Wilkes and artist Joe Hartley to create a new flexible space offering a variety of bakes, ceramic shapes, and other interesting workshops and events.

Expect to see daily drops of sourdough, baguettes, and other baked goods. The ever-changing offering  is fantastic and there is always something new and interesting to try. Yellow Hammer will be soon offering wine and other interesting experiences in the evenings so keep your eyes on their socials! 

The Mekong Cat – Stockport

The Mekong Cat – Stockport

Learn more about Stockport’s authentic Southeast Asian Noodle house. Jump in!

This Godless Place Stockport

This Godless Place Stockport

Godless Place is the latest addition to Stockport’s thriving independent hospitality scene. Jump in to find out more!

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

10 Reasons to be Excited about Stockport Underbanks

As most of you will know, Stockport Underbank is currently going through an amazing transformation, but some people are unsure about some of the specific actions being taken. We have brought it upon ourself to share some of the changes happening in an easy and digestible way! There is still a lot of work to do but it is exciting to see the gradual progression of this much loved street! 

1, Ready Setts Go

Currently the setts are being relayed down Underbank to enhance the public realm and clean up the space (electric outlets are even being added to make the space under the bridge more flexible).

Stockport Underbank

2, That’s Lit

New LED street lights have been put into place – they will eventually mirror the traditional lights when the works have been completed. Currently they look like flying saucers! The new lights are however shorter than their predecessors which is a conscious choice to improve the street scene. 

3, Start the Clock

Winter’s is being revamped to include a new restaurant use and the clock and frontage is being returned to its former glory. Many people will remember the fantastic clock working in its past – we are excited to see it once again add an interesting detail to the street. 

4, It’s a Sign

New traditional street signs are being added to replace the preexisting signs that do not match the heritage of the area. The new signs may seem like something not worth mentioning but these small details make a huge impact on the heritage nature of the street! It is the small components that often make the biggest difference.

5, Out with the New in with the Old

Local developers Hall & Co are applying to redevelop a number of sites on Underbank to breathe fresh life into the currently decaying buildings. Two sites, the 60s building on the corner of Mealhouse Brow and the white volunteer services building will be knocked down and redeveloped. The collapsed building next to Rare Mags will be rebuilt from the ground up. Hall & Co have already done a fantastic job of preserving and making use out of Bank Chambers on the Marketplace. We must confess that we are confident in their ability to create some fantastic new additions to Underbank.

6, From Door Tu-dor

Known by the locals as the Tudor Cafe, but more recently Bunga Raya, this building is currently being renovated by the team Inside Property Investing. We’d highly recommend giving them a follow on Instagram to watch the gradual transformation of this empty building. The plans include Airbnb apartments and commercial space on street level.

7, Perfect Harmony

Currently the building that held one of Stockport’s adult shops is going through a thorough renovation. Only last week the building had entirely no roof. There are rumours that the commercial unit will become a bar in the future but that is currently just Stockport whispers. 

8, Keep the Faith

The former Christian Bookshop on Lower Hillgate directly next-door to the Tudor Cafe will be coming forward for redevelopment in 2021. This mock Tudor building stands proudly on the street; returning such a large building back to life will make a huge impact to the street scene. We are excited to see what will pop up in the commercial ground floor unit!

9, kelsALL Happening Here

The Age UK Charity shop building is currently being lovingly restored by Kelsall Architects. The frontage will be reconfigured to match its historic routes and the upper floors to be refurbished into a co-working space and architectural studio. In the future there are also potential plans of adding a rooftop bar. We can only dream! Follow them on Instagram for updates on this project. 

10, Rediscover the Underbanks

Events and activities are being planned for post lockdown, aimed at sharing the history of Underbanks with a wider audience – keep your eye on @underbanks_SK for more info and check out www.rediscoveringtheunderbanks.co.uk

Cracked Actor • Stockport’s Newest Craft Ale and Blues Bar

Cracked Actor • Stockport’s Newest Craft Ale and Blues Bar

Stockport’s brand new blues bar located on the ever changing Stockport Underbank. Jump in to find out more!

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Stockport Food Hall • Something For Everyone

Find out more about Stockport’s brand new food hall. With a wide range of food and drink this is not one to be missed.

Project 53 | Stockport’s New Gin, Beer & Pizza Palace

Project 53 | Stockport’s New Gin, Beer & Pizza Palace

Project 53 

Located amongst the bustle of Stockport Marketplace, Project 53 have managed to acquire a prime location next to the soon to be refurbished Produce Hall.

The Project 53 concept is a run off from a family brewery based in Mobberley. Their main aim is to sell high quality craft ales combined with local gins and stone baked pizza.

I mean pizza, gin, and beer, how could anybody be against that set up…

After having a lovely chat with manager Sophie, who had an incredible passion for Stockport, she told us how they really wanted the interior to match Stockport’s industrial vibe. The use of open brick, stone floors, recycled wood and low lighting really give a nod towards Stockport’s heritage.

All they are missing are a couple of hats… Maybe they will drop some in soon.

Sophie said of the renovations; “we wanted the decor to have an unfinished shabby style whilst everything we serve to be executed with overwhelming perfection”.

All we can say from our experience is that they have triumphed in what they set out to achieve.

The space truly matches the Old Town chic and the drinks and pizza were served with true care and attention.

The range of ales on offer would be enough to satisfy any beer connoisseur. It is great to see more locally brewed craft beer finding its way into Stockport. Importantly for some, we were made aware that many of the beers on offer are vegan friendly. It is of course great to see more establishments catering for a wider audience.

In regards to the gin, what can we say. The Project 53 team seem to have compiled a huge selection of locally sourced gins. We of course went for something pink and filled with fruit. It was prepared fantastically and we couldn’t fault it. If we have any gin fans amongst we would love to know what Project 53’s Parma Violet gin tastes like. Let us know!

Now to that stone baked pizza… 

At present their are 5 options to choose from. Ranging from a fantastic Pepperoni that includes Basil and Chilli Flakes to a Goats Cheese pizza that includes, Caramelised Onion, Spinach and Balsamic Vinegar.

We must admit the goats cheese pizza was one of the best we’ve ever eaten. The Stop in Stockport team recommends you give it try. Seriously though, try it.

Unfortunately there isn’t a vegan pizza on offer at the moment. Although, we have been assured that they are currently working on a vegan option which I have no doubt will be fantastic. We will keep you updated, you’ll know when we do.

We absolutely loved our trip to Project 53 and will be heading back to Stockport’s newest bar as soon as possible. As always it is great to see more and more places popping up and bringing more life into our town.

We highly recommend paying these guys a visit and sampling all they have to offer. We are sure you will have good time.


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We were invited to dine as guests of Project 53 and were not asked to pay.

Hillgate Cakery

Hillgate Cakery

Cakes, brownies, cupcakes, peppermint tea and Dandelion and Burdock… Need we say more? Jump in and find out more.