Talking Music, Stockport, And Pick ‘n Mix With Rory Wynne (Music Interview)

Talking Music, Stockport, And Pick ‘n Mix With Rory Wynne (Music Interview)

A Short Interview With Stockport’s Own Rory Wynne

With the emergence of Blossoms, it seems the Stockport music scene is on the up. Its always been there, but at present it has been given an opportunity to flourish. There seems to be a lack of people writing about our upandcoming music scene so we want to get the ball rolling. 

Due to the lack of literature on Stockport music, we really had to dig deep and search for those Stockport musicians. It is not difficult to find musicians playing in Stockport but it is difficult to find people who found their sound here.

With some research and word of mouth we found Rory Wynne. Rory Wynne is an 18 year old Stockport born singersong writer with a passion for Stockport and passion for writing music. He supported Blossoms during their 2017 UK Tour and has a strong relationship with the band. The way we see it isif Blossoms like him, and we like Blossoms, how could we not.

Rory’s debut album, produced through Blossoms new label Very Clever Recordsdropped on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer on the 11th of April – it’s defo worth a listen.

Our picks from the album are Friends and Little Miss Edgy. We can never get enough of that indie rock pop. It seems like Rory is still in the process of finding his sound, but as a young musician that is what it’s all about. We are certain in years to come, as his talent grows, he will become a staple of the Stockport music scene. 

What We Asked:  

What were your key musical influences growing up? 

Well I’m still growing up, but so far:  Jack White, Pearl Jam, The Killers, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Liam Gallagher, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, Nirvana, The National, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Father John Misty, Tom Petty and many more…

How would you define your sound ? 

Pop Rock – I try to write pop songs, but because I have so many rock influences they creep in – plus my voice is a ‘rocky’ voice – it’s too rough to be considered popular hahaha.

When did you start writing your own music ? 

When I was around 12 or 13 and started learning guitar again – just put a few chords and a few words together and I was a songwriter.

Best gig to date? 

Doing Castle-field Bowl with Blossoms was cool, and I love playing to big crowds so that was fun. But my album launch the other night was also up there because of playing all my new songs. 

Top three Stockport places you like to visit? 

I like to take a daily walk in the Heaton Mersey Common it’s very peaceful and picturesque. The Savoy cinema is very cool. And I haven’t been since primary school, but the Hat Museum is also a must-visit.  

What do you think of the Stockport music scene? 

Well there’s a few of us doing alright, I do think we really need a Stockport music venue though to make it a proper scene. But it’s definitely thriving with the bands coming out of here having more success than any new ‘Manchester’ bands at the minute – to my knowledge anyway. 

What is your favourite pic n mix sweet and why? 

Toffee Bon Bons, just because they’re very tasty and quite simply the best.

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