The Savoy Cinema – Heaton Moor’s Luxury Cinema

The Savoy Cinema – Heaton Moor’s Luxury Cinema

The Savoy Cinema – Heaton Moor

A strong cinematic breeze has blown over Stockport as of late. With the opening of The Light Cinema and the closure of Cineworld it appears all of our attention is on Stockport cinemas.

Apart from The Light, I here you ask, are there any other places to watch movies in Stockport ?

Well, one option is that of The Savoy in Heaton Moor.

Just North of Stockport town centre Heaton Moor is home to various bars, restaurants, and lucky for us a brilliant luxury cinema.

The Savoy is housed in a grade ll listed building which oozes character and stands out as a prominent building in the community.

If you are looking for a modern cinema this place isn’t for you…

Bare in mind it’s not trying to be – it plays off the traditional cinema experience: there is only one screen, you get shown to your seats, the pre performance area is more of a lounge space and they don’t sell slushies (but they do sell wine).

They do however bring in a modern twist by allowing you to upgrade to luxury seats.

The luxury seats add extra comfort to your viewing. You are presented with lovely pillows, extra space and velvet style fabrics.

You can even pay to have a double sofa (we recommend) – but make sure you book in advance.

As the cinema is small we had some reservations about whether the auditorium would be slightly claustrophobic.

It isn’t. The space is surprisingly large and allows for a perfectly sized screen.

The Savoy cinema shows a combination of mainstream blockbuster films but also adds shows, plays and independent films into the mix.

Just make sure you check their website to see what’s on – it’s not the kinda place you can just turn up and hope for the best.

The prices range depending on your seat of choice – standard 8.50, luxury 10.00 and a sofa for two 20.00. All similar to The Light Cinema.

As a heads up you can only pay in cash so make sure you bring some with you.

Overall The Savoy’s niche is it’s classy attitude. It’s traditional elements play off each other to create a comforting yet luxury viewing experience.

We recommend you give it ago and as always embrace the local.

Savoy Cinema, Stockport The Savoy Cinema, Stockport

The Savoy Cinema, Stockport The Savoy Cinema, Stockport

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