The Light Cinema Stockport – The Social Cinema

The Light Cinema Stockport – The Social Cinema

The Light Cinema

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Grand Opening of The Light Cinema on Thursday the 23rd of November. I managed to get an invite because of my small, but growing contribution to Stockport.

I apologise for the informal nature of this post and it’s more conversational tone but I thought why not write it this way!?

When I entered the The Light Cinema the first thing that struck me was the truly modern concept they have created for the cinema experience. For the owners, the experience of watching a film is not just about the film, it’s about the conversation you have before and after it. We have all finished watching a film and whilst meandering through the seats tried to discuss, what we saw, what we think, and whether it was worth paying for. We all tend to do this, then get in the car and drive home. But, at The Light Cinema, they want to encourage this conversation to continue. They do this by adding a modern bar to the foyer that uses comfortable seats and low lighting to produce a social space for discussion.

There is also small seating areas around the cinema that almost feel like they are there so you can have a spontaneous debrief of your recent viewing. As a huge film fan myself this concept seems incredibly intriguing because sometimes the discussion after the film is just as important as watching it.

The Light Cinema still has the usual popcorn, sweets and fizzy drink options but they are presented in a way that isn’t tacky. To be fair anything is better than Cineworld’s sticky carpets, uncomfortable seats and dated interior. The seats at The Light Cinema however, I must say, are some of the comfiest I have ever experienced – not to mention the fact that all the chairs recline and come with your own personal table (oh the luxury).

I would highly recommend visiting The Light Cinema and seeing if this contemporary cinema suits you as well it did me. 

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